Flying the Mission

NOTE:  You are reading an article about an old app called "Flight App for DJI".

This is different from the Flight1 and Flight1x app, which are flight apps actively being developed by Skycatch.

To read articles about Flight1, please see this link.

To read articles about Flight1x, please see this link.



*Please remember to follow DJI's instructions for a preflight inspection of the drone.

  1. When you're happy with your mission plan, tap "Ready To Fly" at the top right of the screen.

  2. When the waypoint upload process is complete, the Skycatch flight app will run preflight checks on the drone and display the results. If it's green across the board and the takeoff area and sky above it is clear, tap "EXECUTE" to takeoff and fly to the first waypoint.  If it is not safe, please tap "LAND" to safely land the drone.
  3. The drone will takeoff straight up to the flight altitude set in the mission.  The flight app will automatically pilot your drone through all waypoints, take all required photos, and bring the drone back to the takeoff point when the mission is complete.

    The status bar on top will show how much of the flight is completed. You can also monitor altitude, drone battery power, and your GPS signal in the bottom of your screen. If there's any reason to pause the flight, tap the "PAUSE" button to pause the flight.

  4. PLEASE MONITOR THE BATTERY:  The app will automatically return the drone back to landing if the battery reaches 25%.  If it does not, please hold the Return to home button on the transmitter to return the drone safely home.

  5. To resume the mission if the mission is not completed and the drone has returned home, tap "RESUME FLYING NOW" to continue from where the drone left off in the mission.

    The flight app will also give the option to "COMPLETE MISSION" to end the mission.

    If issues are experienced when replacing the battery, please close the flight app and check that the IMU & Compass are warmed up in the DJI GO App. Once the IMU & Compass has been warmed up, close the DJI Go app, restart the flight app, and tap "RESUME FLYING NOW" or "READY TO FLY" if the Mission Progress prompt is not shown.

    Your drone should now resume from the last waypoint left off in the previous flight and the Mission Progress bar on the top will continue.

  6. Once the mission is done, the drone will land.  Please tap "COMPLETE MISSION" and power down the drone.

CLICK HERE for steps on how to upload the photos for processing!

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