Planning a New Mapping Mission

NOTE:  You are reading an article about an old app called "Flight App for DJI".

This is different from the Flight1 and Flight1x app, which are flight apps actively being developed by Skycatch.

To read articles about Flight1, please see this link.

To read articles about Flight1x, please see this link.


      1. From the Mission Board, tap Create Mission. The map defaults to your current location, or you can search if you're not already at the job site.

      2. To Draw the outline of the area you want to map, tap the pencil icon, hold your finger down for a moment, then trace the outline of the area, and lift your finger from the screen when complete (the shape will automatically complete itself when you lift your finger - you don't need to close the shape perfectly).

      3. To modify the map, tap anywhere inside the polygon & the following menu will appear.  Tap "EDIT" to modify the map & "DELETE" to clear the map.

      4. If "EDIT" is tapped, blue squares will appear around the polygon.  Modify the mapping area by moving the blue squares and the trace line around the polygon will turn orange indicating that it is changing. When complete, tap an area outside of the polygon once to end the "EDIT" mode.

      5. You can also tap the gear on the upper right corner to access the Settings menu and update your drone model, resolution/altitude, and rename or delete your mission.

        Drone: The app will auto-detect the DJI drone being used when the device is connected to the RC, and the RC and drone are both powered on. You can also tap on this section and select from a list of compatible DJI models
        Camera: This is currently not editable and will default to the camera type on your drone
        Altitude/GSD: Change the desired altitude or resolution (GSD) here using the slider
        Mission Settings: Update the name of your mission or delete your mission here.

      6. For all drones besides the Phantom 4, make sure the flight mode on the upper left side of the transmitter is switched to "F" mode. For Phantom 4, make sure the flight mode on the upper left side of the transmitter is switched to "P" mode. 

        Note: If the transmitter is NOT in "F" mode, the following message will appear on the screen. Once the transmitter is in "F" mode, close the "Prepare Mission Error" and go back to the home screen.

 CLICK HERE to continue to learn how to fly the mission!

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