Adding a User or Teammate to Your Account or Map

Skycatch makes it easy for you to collaborate on site projects with your colleagues or deliver an online map to your clients via site sharing! Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to add others to access maps on your Skycatch account.

Adding Users as an Account Administrator

If you are an account administrator, you will have two options available to you for adding users or inviting them to view additional maps on your account.

  1. Adding Users from the Map in the Viewer 
    (best option for granting access to users who only need access to one site)
    • Navigate to the site you'd like to share by clicking on the site name in the toolbar. Either scroll through the displayed list or type in the site name in the search bar.
    • Once the site is displayed, click the Invite a Teammate link located on the right hand side.
    • Enter the Name and Email address of the person you'd like to share this site with. Click Send Invite to finish the process.
    • The user you've added will now receive an email notification with an invitation to view the project. 
      If the user did not previously have a Skycatch account, they will also be asked to create an account.
  2. Adding Users from the Organization Settings
    (best option for adding users who need access to multiple sites)
    • Go into the Settings of your account and click Users.
    • Click either the Add new user or + button
      Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_12.56.22_PM.png OR  Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_12.44.07_PM.png
    • Enter the name and email address of the user you'd like to add.
      Click on the Sites drop-down menu to select the sites to which you will grant the user access.
      You can select multiple sites at the same time.
    • Click Send Invite to add the user. They will receive an email notifying them of their access. If they do not yet have an account, they will be prompted to log in and create a new password.

If you have a user who has already been invited but need to access more sites, please follow the same steps as outlined in step 2 above. All you need to do is select the sites they do not have access to in order to add them.

The maximum number of users you can share sites with depends which plan you've subscribed to. To check the number of users you've shared a site with, click on the user icon in the upper right, select Settings, and click Users.

For more details on number of users by plan, please visit our plan page at

Adding Users Without Administrative Access

If you are not an administrator on the account, your request to add a user will need to be approved by an account administrator before the user can be added and an invitation to the new user can be sent.

1. Follow the instructions in step 1 above.

2. Once you've invited the user, an email will be sent to the account administrator requesting approval.

3. As soon as the administrator has approved the request, an invitation will be sent to the user inviting them to join.

More information on the administrator approval process can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The link to create a Skycatch account in the invitation email says it's expired, what do I do now?

An expired invitation link likely means that the invitation was already used ton create a Skycatch account. If you do not recall the password used to create the account, you can reset your password using the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page here: 

If you are still experiencing issues with logging in, please contact us at


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