Upload your Images for Processing

Please note your images must be geotagged in order to be uploaded. We also recommend using Chrome to upload your images and only uploading one set of images at a time.

Uploading your images for map processing consist of 3 steps:

1. Add Images: Validating Your Photos
2. Select Site: Selecting the Map Date and Site
3. Review: Reviewing Your Photos and Site Before Sending to Cloud Processing
Appendix: Tips for Successful Upload

You can start by logging into your Skycatch account at and click on the Submit a Map button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The Uploader will now open as a new tab in your browser.

Step 1. Add Images: Validating Your Photos

1. Drag your images directly into the grey box.  You can select individual images or a folder of images. The images will go through a validation check once they've been added.

Note: Currently only geotagged images in JPG format are supported.

2. When validation is complete, your images will be shown in a preview layout where you can see each of your photo positions placed in a satellite map for reference. If you would like to remove all of your images, click on the Remove Images button.

3. Each green dot represents 1 photo taken. Click on the green dot of interest to preview the details of an individual photo.

You can see a preview of the photo itself, the file name, and coordinates. If you decide to remove this photo, click Delete in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up.

4. Any unsupported files that fail validation will show up underneath the gray box with an error message. You must remove these files before you proceed. Remove the unsupported file by clicking on the Remove Bad Image button.

5. You can also preview a list of your image files by clicking on View Image List. This will display the number of photos added, number of acres covered, and the list of all images that have been added.

Remove single images by clicking on the trash bin icon located to the right of each image name, or click the Remove Images button in the upper right hand corner to remove all images.

5. If all images have been validated and you have no more changes to make, click on NEXT to continue to step 2 - selecting the site where you would like your processed map to be uploaded to

Step 2. Select Site: Selecting the Map Date and Site

1. Choose the map date and the site you would like to upload your images to. The default date shown has been pulled from the EXIF data of your images and will display the latest date in your set of images.

2. If you would like to upload your images to a new site, click "Or create a new site" to make a new one. You can now type in the name of your new site.


Specifying a Projection and/or Geoid for Your Data Outputs (optional)

All data outputs generated will be in WGS84 by default. If you would like to specify a state plane projection for your data outputs, click on "Specify a Coordinate Reference System" and enter the valid state plane coordinate system (EPSG code) you would like your data in. Coordinate systems are referenced from database, please refer to their website at if you would like to validate if your coordinate system is accepted.

Choosing a geoid will apply the desired geoid model on your data, resulting in a more accurate elevation representation of your data. If you would like to specify a geoid, click on the drop down and select the desired geoid system. If you're not sure what geoid you should use, we recommend you leave it at the default "Height Above Ellipsoid."


3. Once you have entered in all of the details for the site you would like to upload your images to, click "NEXT" to review your upload request.


Step 3. Review Your Upload

1. The review screen will show the date your map will be uploaded to number of photos, size of the upload and estimated size of the site. 

You can add an optional Note in the "ADD A NOTE" field, however please contact us at if you have a request or comment on your upload.

2. Click Upload to upload your images for processing! The uploader will show on the next page with the progress of your upload. 

Uploading in Progress

Please note: You should not close your browser window or let your computer go to sleep during the upload process. This will interrupt your upload.

The progress of your upload will be displayed until it has been complete. If you would like to pause your upload for any reason while it is in progress, click on the PAUSE button in the bottom right. This will halt your upload and you can resume it at any time within the next 18 hours. 


Pausing your upload will result in a "Upload has halted" message. To resume your upload, click on the RESUME button.

Upload Completed!

Once the upload is complete, the following message will appear. You'll receive an email notification once your map has finished processing with a link to view the map online and download your files. 

Appendix: Tips for Successful Uploads

  1. Use the latest version of the Chrome browser whenever possible
  2. Ensure you have a good internet/WiFi connection
  3. Disable any sleep modes on your computer during download as any interruption to your internet will immediately halt your upload
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