Verify and Enable GPS on Canon S100 Cameras

It may be possible for the GPS to become disabled in the Canon S100 Cameras if the camera has been left without power for some time. Please follow the below steps to verify if GPS has been disabled.

Steps to verify GPS has been enabled:

  1. Open CARD/BATT door and take out the SD Card.
  2. Power up camera and on the top left there should be a satellite icon.
  3. If there is a satellite icon but also a "no symbol" right below it GPS is enabled but is not getting any satellites. Walk out into a open area to solve this problem.
  4. If there is no satellite icon at all then GPS is not enabled. See steps below to enable GPS.

If the GPs has been disabled on your Canon S100, please follow the below steps to enabled GPS.

Steps to enable GPS:

  1. Open CARD/BATT door and take out the SD Card
  2. Power up camera and press menu
  3. Navigate to the middle tab(icon of a wrench and hammer) on top of the screen to the "Change camera settings" menu.
  4. Navigate down to "GPS settings"
  5. Make sure "On" is selected
  6. Exit out to main menu and turn off the camera
  7. Insert SD card and power on normally.
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