Terrain Following with M300 RTK


Terrain Awareness with M300 RTK

The use of Terrain Awareness mode to perform mapping missions has significantly improved mission flights. The primary benefit of it is allowing the aircraft to maintain a set altitude or ascend to a higher altitude above varying terrains, thereby maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the mapping mission.


Prerequisites for Terrain Awareness Mode Mission Flights

Software version:


File  and File Type Requirement:

DSM with included ground height information in “.tif” format

File Size Limit:

20 MB

Resolution and CRS:

Less than 10 meters



Note: DSM should have a buffer to cover the entire area to avoid mishaps.


DSM Creation: DJI Terra

You can create a DSM using the DJI Terra application.

  • First, create a 2D Map mission and import images.
  • Set the Output Coordinates Settings to  “WGS4 (EPSG 4326)”.
  • Select the appropriate Mapping Scene and ideal Resolution for your mission flight so it will not be rejected by the DJI Pilot.
  • Start reconstruction and once it is done open the Mission File Directory and select the “Map” folder. From there, find and select the “gsddsm.tif” file, then copy it to your SD card.


Terrain Following Process

To start the Terrain Following Mode,

  1. Import the DSM file saved in the SD card to the controller.
  2. From the controller, select Mission Flight, Create a Route, then select Mapping.
  3. Open the Mapping Sidebar and turn on the Terrain Following Mode.
  4. Select the DSM file then click the “+” and select “external_sd” then add your tif file. A notification will show if your DSM file is imported successfully. 

Flight Mission Planning

  1. Enable the DSM file by toggling the side button. The map will automatically reposition the area showing the DSM in yellow.
  2. Input the mission parameters such as the camera and GSD then enable Terrain Follow.
  3. Take note that Instead of setting the height relative to the take-off point it will be set relative to the terrain. The flight mission is color-coordinated depending on the altitude of the terrain.
  4. Execute the mission and make sure to utilize RTK.


Note:  You are also able to perform TF missions without RTK and using PPK. You only need to fly the area of interest using RTK and generate a DSM with that flight then uploading it to DJI pilot.


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