FAQ: How do I contact Skycatch Support?

This section will help you contact Skycatch Support in case you have questions or encounter an issue with Skycatch's products and services. 

Contact us via Email:

The fastest way to contact Skycatch Support is by sending a message through our official email at

Our customer support agents will respond to you in a timely manner to help you with your concerns. 

Another way to contact Skycatch Support is through the Skycatch Support Center

Submitting a Request

Clicking the Support Center link will direct you to our Support Center. From there you can click on "Submit a request" as shown below. 

You will be directed to fill in a request form. Enter your email address, your specific inquiry or concern in the subject field, and a brief description of the said concern. 


Note: Don't forget about the Customer Priority as this will help our Support agents to categorize your requests. You can also submit images and other files as attachments.

Creating a New Account


You are also able to contact us the same way but with more functionalities, such as upvoting and downvoting an article or leaving comments if you sign up for our Support Center. To do this, click the "Sign in" button at the top right side of the Support Center

Click "Sign up" next to "New to Skycatch" if you do not have an existing account.


Upon clicking "Sign up". You will be required to provide your full name and email address. Then, click the blue Sign up button.


Skycatch Support will email you a link to set up your Support Center password.

Once your account is set up, you may log in and contact Skycatch Support through the same "Submit A Request" link in the dashboard. 

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