DataHub Release Version 1.61.0 (August 24, 2023) [English]

What's New?

  • 3D Tiles (Beta)
  • Improvement to polygon creation
  • Improvement to BIM 360 partner card integration

3D Tiles

We are working on improving the way your data is visualized on DataHub, and you will notice the addition of a new option inside the “Ortho+Terrain” layer called “Display 3D Tiles (Beta)”. When enabled, the tiled 3D Mesh will be displayed allowing you to have a high-resolution view of the terrain and all of the vertical structures in detail.

Notes: This new layer, will only be available for datasets that are processed after the release date (08/24)


How To Use?

1. Expand Ortho+Terrain Layer and click on Display 3D Tiles

2. The 3D Tiles will load and get displayed on the map view.

3. Click uncheck 3D Tiles to go back to the ortho view


Polygon Creation

With this release, we are making changes to the way polygons are created for analytics. Just click on the desired area to create a vertex. Once you’re happy with the shape, click on “Done” to save it and run the calculation


Note: If the shape has to be readjusted, you can select the analytic and click on Edit to add or delete points as needed.


BIM 360 Integration

Now, every time a new site is created, the BIM360 Partner card will be enabled by default, making it easier to display in your BIM 360 applications. You can check it out within the “Integrations” section of DataHub.


Thank You!

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