FAQ: How to sync Flight1X / RC logs to AirData or Drone Logbook

Creating your AirData Account 

  • Create a free AirData account by visiting the AirData website:
  • After the account creation, login to AirData and click on the My Account option at the Top Right corner.



  • To see your user token, go to the Auto Upload Token option in the Left Menu.



Sharing logs to Skycatch from an AirData link

  • Once the syncing was done to AirData, go to your AirData  account and click the share icon from the right-top corner.



  • Enable all the information options to share as shown below. Once done, click on “Create a unique sharing link”


  • Copy the shareable link.


Creating your Drone Log Book Account 

  • Create an account if your organization has not currently created one. You can do it from this website:
  • Once there, it will ask you for an e-mail and to create a new password so you can register.



Syncing your logs from Flight1X


After your flight(s) are finished, in the main screen of Flight1X, go to Flight Logging > Setup.

  • For AirData: enable AirData with the toogle button and enter your account token to activate your account. After this is completed, your existing logs will start syncing to your AirData account.


  • For Drone LogBook: enable the Drone Logbook Set up using the toogle button and enter your Drone Logbook user e-mail and password. Aftert this is completed, your existing logs will start syncing to Drone LogBook.



IMPORTANT: After the set up is done.  Make sure the Flight Loggin option is always enabled (ON mode)  at the main screen of Flight1X before flying a mission.









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