FAQ: How do I calibrate my Vision1 camera using Flight1x?

Camera Calibration with Flight1x

With the Flight1x camera settings, the system does not require calibration prior to every survey flight. However, calibration is required in the following scenarios:

  • When the lighting conditions have changed drastically from the previous flights
  • When the drone is used on a different site from the previous flights
  • When the drone is used with different payloads, calibration is recommended after a new payload is connected 
  • Prior to every flight for the cases when the drone camera is used for video recording.
  • Every time blurry photos are captured


If you need to remove the lens from the camera body or experience focus issues, you may need to calibrate your camera. 

1. Power up the R/C and Explore2 units.

2. Ensure your flight mode switch is set to “P” on the R/C.

3. Start the Flight1X application and select the “Manual Flight” option.

4. Takeoff and ascend to ~100m and rotate the camera downwards so it is pointing straight down (ensure you are in the Vision1's view).

5. From the Vision1 view select the camera “Menu” tab.

6. Tap the “...” icon.

7. Scroll down and select the “Calibrate lens” option and follow on-screen prompts.


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