Edge1 Release Notes v6.4.0 (April 19,2023) [English]


  • Edge1: v6.4.0 (updated)
    • Sky3D-Runtime: 2.8.0 (updated)
      • Projector: 6.6.0 (updated)
      • Surveyor: 2.9.1
      • Reprojector: 3.0.2 (updated)
  • RTK Drones and Remote Controls Supported


(35mm lens)



(24mm lens)

Drone FW v03.00.0101 v02.02.0607  v02.02.0505 
RC Version v03.01.0000 v02.02.0607  v02.02.0505 


What’s new?


  • Processing Quality Report
  • PPK and RTK Selector
  • 3D Reconstruction improvements
  • Notification System

Processing Quality Report

Your processing jobs will now come with a quality report, which will include important information about the quality of the outputs. This report can be visualized directly on the built-in viewer or exported as PDF so you can include as part of your archive.


PPK/ RTK Selector

You can specify the desired correction workflow to be used for your processing jobs. If you select RTK, the system will use the high-accuracy corrected geotags from the images generated live during the flight by the Edge1 streamed to the drone.  

If PPK is selected, Edge1 will generate a high-accuracy solution using the rover and base files.  If no base file is available, the system will default to the RTK geotags to ensure the most optimal outputs in terms of accuracy.

Notification System

Now, you will have better visibility around news and important messages of your unit throughout the notification system. 

Such notifications will be located at the screen's top section so you can take the corresponding actions. Keep an eye on the latest status and notifications about your unit!

3D Reconstruction Improvements

We are continuously improving our photogrammetry software and in this version, we introduced enhancements to the 3D reconstruction, which will improve the quality of the surfaces in general. This will translate to more accurate volumetric measurements and better terrain representation.


If your unit is running on Edge1 v5.6.0 or above, is as simple to connect the unit to the internet to get the notification of a new version available. When ready, you can start the download and installation process directly from the Edge1 App Interface

5.6.0 or below

To get this update, please contact the Sales Engineer assigned to your account or email to schedule a session for updating to this version.


If you are on Edge1 v4.2.2 or lower, please be sure to offload all previous datasets stored on the device to an SD card or USB drive. Datasets will not be accessible on the app after the update.


Thank you!

We would love your hear your feedback! Please get in touch at

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