DataHub Release Version 1.57.0 (March 30, 2023) [English]


  • Custom Base Map (BETA)

Custom Base Map 

We are introducing a custom base map functionality on DataHub for better comparison and reference purposes as part of your organization. This is a beta feature and in the next weeks we are going to make significant changes and improvements to the final user experience. Stay Tuned!

How to use it?

1. Click on the options button on the desired dataset to be used as base map.


2. The background imagery will be automatically disabled.


3. Once the base map has been set, you can select any other dataset to display on top of it.


 4. On the map options (3 - dots button) you can adjust the opacity of the base map


5. To go back to the default view, click on Base map

6. Select the desired option and hit submit.



We fixed a bug that prevented DataHub to display “RTK Corrections” for Ebee RTK Corrected datasets. This was only a user interface problem only and all outputs were accurate according to the RTK Corrections achieved during the capture.


The Skycatch’s team is currently working on bringing constant improvements on all fronts, like processing, efficiency and interface / usability to improve the experience overall  across all Skycatch solutions. You can expect more updates in this regard in the upcoming releases.

For any questions or feedback, please contact .

For any

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