EdgePlus Release Notes V2.4.0 (March 3, 2023) [English]

Version List

Software Versions

  • EdgePlus: v2.4.0 
    • Sky3D-Runtime: v3.2.0
      • Projector: v6.2.0
      • Reprojector: v2.3.1
      • Surveyor: v2.9.0

Drone Compatibility

What’s New?

Key Features

  • Processing Quality Report
  • 3D Reconstruction improvements
  • Notification System

Quality Report

Your processing jobs will now come with a quality report, which will include important information about the quality of the outputs. This report can be visualized directly on the built-in viewer or exported as PDF so you can include as part of your archive.

3D Reconstruction Improvements

We are continuously improving our photogrammetry software and in this version, we introduced enhancements to the 3D reconstruction, which will improve the quality of the surfaces, in general. This will translate to more accurate volumetric measurements, as well as  better terrain representation.

Before and after - Note a better stockpile definition

Notification System

You will now have better visibility around news and important messages regarding your unit through the notification system. 

Notifications will be located at the top section of the screen so you can take the corresponding actions.

Keep an eye on the latest status and notifications about your unit! 

Notification System


For any questions or feedback, please contact

For any questions or feedback, please contact:

For any questions or feedback, please contact:

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