FAQ: EdgePlus - How do I grant Accessibility through a Network Firewall ?

During issue investigations, Skycatch support likely will request remote access to your  unit.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend the following:

  • Leave the  unit plugged into a stable power source
  • Connect the  device to a stable internet network - preferably one without a firewall

Effect of Firewall on Remote Access

Skycatch will see your device as online, however, access will be limited and any changes that require remote control will not be possible. This includes access to the stored data, system settings and other files that are pertinent to ongoing investigations.

As such, we recommend the following: 

1. Confirm TCP/UDP protocols are unblocked.

2. Confirm that there are no inbound or outbound rules blocking the traffic from OpenVPN

3. Confirm that the following ports are open and have been allowed inbound and outbound connections:

  • 443 TCP (VPN to the device)
  • 123 UDP - (NTP server for time synchronization)
  • 53 UDP - (DNS name resolution)

4. Confirm the following domains are unblocked or whitelisted in your firewall:


Connection and access can be validated by confirming that you get a positive response when you ping the domains from a device attached to your network.




It works as well if the rules are applied and validated only to the IP address of the  device.



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