How do I fly an RTK Mission with Edge1 as the Base?

Once the Edge1 is fully booted, completely set up in an optimal location. Make sure that the Edge1 unit has a clear view of sky.

It is important to establish a connection with the drone in order to start the mission.

Connecting the Drone to Edge1:

  1. Open Settings in the R/C and connect it to the Edge1 wireless network using the password: edge1-ap.

  2. Connect the drone to the Edge1 RTK Network by opening the RTK settings tab in the flight planning app (e.g. DJI GS RTK, DJI Pilot) and selecting Custom Network as the RTK Service Type.

  3. Enter the following credentials:
    NTRIP Host:
    Port: 8008
    User/Password: skycatch_staging_2
    Mountpoint: RTK_RTCM3

  4. Click Connect and ensure that you receive a message that says “Connection successful”. You should start seeing the values appear in the Custom network RTK section.


  5. Close the menu by clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner. When an RTK Fix status is obtained, you are ready to fly the mission!

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