FAQ: How Do I Convert A Pointcloud from .LAS to .TXT Format?

Conversion Procedures

1. First, install CloudCompare. It is an open source software that is both available for macOS and Windows. See their website link here

2. Open CloudCompare. Drag and drop the pointcloud intended for conversion from txt to las.



3. When asked if a global shift or scale needs to be applied, we recommend choosing No, in order to avoid translating and rescaling the pointcloud. Alternatively, choose "Yes" or "Yes to All" if your workflow requires it. 



4. Once the point cloud is fully visible and loaded, select it from the list under the DB Tree as shown below, then  go to File and click on Save.





5. Finally, select the folder where you would like to store the .txt pointcloud, and in the options for selecting the file format select ASCII cloud (.txt,.csv,.xyz).



6. You may now open the newly exported pointcloud.txt for other uses.

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