FAQ: How do I allow the Edge1 through a Network Firewall?

The Skycatch team may sometimes request the user to bring their Edge1 unit online, preferably via LAN cable with a stable network connection.

Online connectivity is required for the following scenarios:

  • Unit upgrades (for units that has no "User-Control Updates" feature yet)
  • Data transfers for investigation
  • Unit health checks 

However, there are instances where office networks are firewalled therefore blocking the  Skycatch team from performing any task that requires an online connection to the unit.

Firewall Workaround for Remote Access

Detailed below are some steps the user can follow to give Skycatch remote access:

1. Whitelist the following domains :


Make sure to ping those domains and see if there are responses from your network.

2. Some firewalls also restrict the traffic at a protocol or application level. Make sure that the following applications/protocols are unblocked :

    • OpenVPN
    • TCP/UDP

Note :

It is fine if these applications and protocols are only open to the IP address of the unit. 



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