FAQ: What is the EXIF metadata?

Exif Metadata


Information embedded/ stored within digital images.


What is it for?

Exif metadata can be used to validate or sanity check images/ data captured for processing into Skycatch Mining Solutions as DataHub, EdgePlus, or Edge1 especially when the source of the captured images is unknown or they came from third-party applications other than Flight1.

What tool to use to check Exif Metadata?

There are online tools such as or where you can upload your images to view their metadata.


Image Quality Validation/ Sanity Checks

By viewing the EXIF metadata, you will be able to see information such as:

  • DewarpData
  • RtkFlag

Dewarp data 


Dewarp data is a hard requirement when capturing datasets intended to be processed using:

  • Edge1
  • EdgePlus
  • Highwall Processing in DataHub 

In order to make sure that the DewarpData is available in your images, the Camera Distortion Correction setting must be disabled in the DJI app.

Note: This setting is disabled by default in Flight1.




Rtk Flag


This flag contains a code number indicating RTK quality status. It is expected that a few images may not match this value, however, the vast majority of them need to indicate "50" if there was a good RTK streaming quality during the mission.


Should RTK streaming be interrupted or cut - off, Flight1 and other third-party apps will show an error but the mission will continue but the generated photos will show different RTK statuses (such as SPP or Float).

Listed below are the RtkFlag statuses in the Exif Metadata.

  • 0-no positioning
  • 16-point positioning mode
  • 34-RTK floating point solution
  • 50-RTK fixed solution






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