EdgePlus Release Notes v2.2.0 (January 10, 2023) [English]

Software Versions

  • EdgePlus: v2.2.0
    • Sky3D-Runtime: v3.1.3
    • Projector: v6.1.3
    • Reprojector: v2.3.1
    • Surveyor: v2.9.0

RTK Drones and Remote Controls Supported




What’s new!


  • Secure Shutdown 
  • Addition of Carib97 Geoid
  • SVL is now EdgePlus!


Secure Shutdown 

We have added a simple but important feature to ensure your EdgePlus units are healthy and have a better lifespan through the way the system is powered off.  


You will find now a shutdown button at the status section of the EdgePlus so you can now turn off your EdgePlus through the interface in a secure way.


We highly recommend to use this as the method for powering off your unit to ensure proper functioning of your EdgePlus unit. 




Carib97 Geoid

Carib97 Geoid Model is now available for processing and can be found as part of the models when setting the project’s configuration.




Limitations and Known Issues

  • For this release, when shutting down your EdgePlus unit, if there are any job processing or in the queue, they will be marked as “failed”. 
  • In some cases, the success message is not displayed when the usb is ready to be ejected.


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improvement on how the base position computes coordinate transformations
  • Resolved issue of PPK jobs fails when unplugging the drive before a queued job gets initialized
  • Resolved issue of RTK option being disabled after importing large RTK datasets
  • Resolved issue of Timestamps on UI to be consistent among different EdgePlus sections
  • Improved Edgeplus Exporting feature to ensure consistency of data on external drive
  • Resolved a rare issue of EdgePlus crashing after the USB is ejected
  • Resolved an issue with the Processing Time not displayed correctly when longer than 24 hours
  • Resolved an issue with the Date/Time on header showing PM/AM while being a  24h format
  • Resolved an rare issue of points in the base position form not being saved
  • Resolved issue of NEZ fields being empty on the “base position” section even if the global coordinates were entered.
  • Fixed consistency issues with some texts across different sections of EdgePlus


The Skycatch’s team is currently working on bringing constant improvements on all fronts, like processing, efficiency and interface / usability to improve the experience overall  across all Skycatch solutions. You can expect more updates in this regard in the upcoming releases.


For any questions or feedback, please contact: .


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