How to Change BIOS Boot Order

Changing the EdgePlus Boot Order

This article explains what to do when the EdgePlus is stuck trying to boot into another operating system and pressing any key to trigger the booting sequence once again does not work.


Troubleshooting Procedure:

The EdgePlus unit uses the resinOS operating system. As such, the booting order in the unit's BIOS should list resinOS at the top. To see if this isn't the case, it is necessary to enter and check the BIOS.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. The EdgePlus unit must be OFF
  2. Press the Power button to Turn ON the unit
  3. Continuously Press on ESC button before the System76 logo shows up
  4. The Boot options screen should be displayed
  5. Navigate to "Change Boot Order" using the arrows on the keyboard and press Enter
  6. Change the boot order and set resinOS on top
  7. Press ESC button to go back and save
  8. Navigate to "Boot Default" and the unit should start booting up with Balena

Please see the video below on how to do this procedure on your EdgePlus unit. 


Note: The UI for System76 in the EdgePlus unit might be a little different because of the system version. If this is the case, the same procedure/ flow of steps still apply to boot with resinOS.

Important: If the ESC button does not trigger the Booting options screen, please share the System76 version via email to for us to confirm another way to trigger the screen.


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