DataHub Release Version 1.52.0 (December 15, 2022) [English]

What's New!

  • Processing Quality Report generation
  • 3D Mesh Quick Download
  • Bug fixes

Processing Quality Report

We understand that having additional information that accompanies your processing jobs and their results is valuable in order to understand in depth some aspects of the outputs, like their quality and accuracy. This information is now going to be reflected as a Processing Quality Report, which every dataset will include automatically as part of the results.


How to use it?

At Skycatch, you can find the processing quality report inside the outputs folder in the file manager. Just select the file and click “Download”.



The Quality Report will consist of the following main sections:

  • Summary
  • Geolocation and Calibration details
  • Camera Parameters
  • Accuracy Report*

*The Accuracy Report section will only be generated if GCPs and/or CHPs were included as part of the upload.



Summary Section

This page will include the information needed to have a quick glimpse of the type of data that was generated and a quick overview of the quality of the results for a quick assessment of the quality of the results.



Geolocation and Calibration Details

This section of the report will include information regarding the following:

  • Control Points
    • Note: Points used to georeference (GCP) or assess the absolute accuracy (CHP) (If any) 
  • Calibrated and Uncalibrated images
    • Note: Ideally, all of the images should be calibrated, however, due to various factors such as image quality, overlap, terrain or environmental conditions, and others, could lead the images to not be correctly computed, meaning that they were disregarded for processing.




Camera Parameters

In this section, you will find details about the sensor used such as its name and internal parameters:

  • Focal length
  • Principal Point X / Y
  • Distortion parameters (Radial and Tangential)
  • Initial values (Before computing)
  • Optimized values (After computing)



Accuracy Report

The georeferencing results after using Ground Control Points (GCPs) and Checkpoints (CHPs) that are used to validate the absolute accuracy of the outputs can be found in their dedicated section inside the document.


This information was and is still available in a CSV file, but now, we kept it as part of the report to ensure that all the vital information about your job is located in a single document for quick reference.



3D Mesh Quick Download

We added the 3D mesh as part of the quick download options for your convenience.

Both versions, “Site’s Coordinate Reference System” and “UTM” can be found in the corresponding section. 

A file in ZIP format will be downloaded, which will include a 3D mesh in OBJ format with its auxiliary files; Textures (JPG file) and the Material file (MTL)



Limitations and Known Issues

  • We have identified an issue with the Share Links where in some cases the link will redirect to an invalid DataHub site. 
  • Copying and pasting directly from the PDF Quality Report will generate random texts.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing a problem during the reprojection of the 3D mesh to the site’s coordinate reference system causing it to be at an incorrect location.

The Skycatch team is working on bringing constant improvements on all fronts, like processing, efficiency, and interface/usability, to improve the overall experience across all Skycatch solutions. You can expect more updates in this regard in the upcoming releases.

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