DataHub Release Version 1.51.0 (December 8, 2022) [English]


  • DJI Zenmuse L1 Automated Processing!
  • Bug fixes



Automated Processing for L1 Camera on DataHub

We are pleased to announce that DataHub now supports fully automated processing for datasets captured with the  Lidar sensor from DJI, the Zenmuse L1 Camera using the RTK Workflow.

We are focused on enabling full processing automation of a variety of sensors. This would be as simple as uploading the dataset to the uploader on DataHub and following the process to submit it to processing. 



How to use it?

1. Drag and drop the L1 Dataset folder you wish to process


2. DataHub will validate that all the necessary files are included as part of the dataset
*The 9 auxiliary files are mandatory to ensure proper processing. If you observe less than 9, it may be an indicator of using PPK as part of the capture, which is going to be supported in a future release.


3. DataHub will automatically switch to “L1” Dataset Type to allow you to select the desired point cloud density; Low, Medium, or High


4. Enable the “High Accuracy Mode” and select “RTK” to ensure high accuracy of your outputs and click on “Next” to start the upload process


5. Once your L1 Processing outputs are ready, you will receive a notification of completion and the results will be available inside the DataHub’s “File Manager

The point clouds will be available on 2 CRS: Site Coordinate Reference System and a UTM version for convenience purposes.



Limitations and Known Issues

  • Only RTK processing is supported in this first release.  PPK Support will be included in the future. 
  • If RTK Fix is below 85%, datasets are likely to encounter processing issues due to the larger uncertainty during calibration and reconstruction processes. We recommend closely monitoring conditions during the flight for the highest RTK link quality possible.
  • L1 Type Datasets will only generate Point Clouds as outputs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing adding a localization file in CSV format in some cases.


The Skycatch team is working on bringing constant improvements on all fronts, like processing, efficiency, and interface/usability, to improve the overall experience across all Skycatch solutions. You can expect more updates in this regard in the upcoming releases.








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