Edge1: Keypoints and Best Practices

This document details important key points and best practice reminders when using the Edge1. 

Note: The wifi password for Edge1 is edge1-ap.


Best Practices and Reminders

  • Never let the Edge1 battery fully drain. If it does, the GPS clock will reset. To rectify this, the Edge1 will need to be brought online (turned on while connected to the internet through the ethernet cable). It is always best to leave the Edge1 unit charging if not in use. - this issue is fixed with version 6.2.0 and later.

  • When typing in a coordinate, ensure correct values are going into the correct fields (please take care not to mix up the Northing and Easting values). If your inputted coordinates are more than 10 - meters off from the calculated position of Edge 1, it will prompt a notification.
  • Set up the Edge1 in an area with adequate sky visibility - it needs to have a clear view of satellites to log accurate data. Also, avoid areas with large electromagnetic fields as this can affect the result.

  • The Edge1 is best used for processing smaller datasets quickly, or for in-field checks to ensure data is suitable. For larger datasets or more dense outputs - it is best to use EdgePlus or DataHub. Try to avoid datasets exceeding 1,500 photos or areas more than 100 hectares.
  • The Edge1 outputs will depend on the processing settings. 
    • Processing Quality - affects how much the images will be downsampled before processing starts. Processing time will depend on the processing quality chosen. Lower quality means faster processing.
    • Processing Density - affects the density of the outputs. The processing density has a greater effect on processing time than the chosen processing quality. Generally, lower density equates to faster processing.
  • Edge1 needs enough storage space to process data. Never let the Edge1 storage space fall below 50 gigabytes.


  • When using a localization file. The Latitudes and Longitudes should be in decimal degrees (ex. Lat: 12.345, Long: -67.8910). Kindly make sure that your coordinates should have a " - " sign indicating southern latitudes. Please follow the format below:mceclip3.png 
    • Remember to always add the header (name, lat(dd), lon(dd), alt, n, e, z) as the first row of your localization file
    • It is required to have at least 4 points for redundancy
    • Save your file in comma-separated value (.csv) format and name it "localization.csv"
  • Do not forget to eject the SD card before removing it from the Edge1 to avoid file corruption


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