Using the Hitec X4 AC PRO (EVO3X)

The EVO3x drone that is part of the High Precision Package (HPP), comes with the Hitec X4 AC Pro charger. Upon powering on the Hitec charger, you will see the following warning screen. Hit the “ENTER/Start” to dismiss it.


You will now see the main screen below. Hit the “CHANNEL A/B/C/D” button until the desired channel is selected. In this example, Channel B is selected. 


Setting up the Hitec Charger to charge Skycatch Smart Batteries

1. Hit the “ENTER/Start” button. The charger will always default to “LiPo BALANCE CHG” mode. 

This mode must be changed before Skycatch smart batteries are charged. If you are receiving a "Cell Error" message, it's likely that you are in the incorrect charge mode.


2. Switch the charge mode to “LiPo CHARGE” mode by hitting the “Status/INC” button once.


3. Press and hold the “ENTER/Start” button until the “CONFIRM (ENTER)” screen appears.  Let go of the “ENTER/Start” button after the “CONFIRM (ENTER) message appears.


4. Press the “ENTER/Start” button to confirm and begin charging



Why does the charger say "No Battery Detected" when I plug in my Skycatch smart battery to charge?

This message typically displays when you connect a full battery to the charger. Skycatch smart batteries detects when they have a full charge and automatically shuts off the charge circuit to prevent overcharging.

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