Skycatch Flight App for DJI: General Troubleshooting

Starting the Flight app for DJI

When using the Skycatch flight app for DJI, we recommend you start your DJI drone in the following sequence:

  • Turn on the RC unit
  • Turn on your DJI drone (wait for single green flash)
  • Open the flight app


Having trouble connecting?

  • Stay clear of large objects, machines, or metal - as with any radio controlled device, these may interfere with the signal transmission between the RC unit and the device
  • Close out of the DJI Go completely - having it running in the background may interfere with using the Skycatch flight app
  • Ensure your drone and remote controller have been updated to the latest firmware


What should I do if the app says, 'camera offline'?

If this notification is displayed in app, then the issue may be the result of one of the following:

  1. Poor radio signal quality - there may be radio interference from live electrical activity or large metal objects. 
    Solution: Try turning on the equipment in a different location at the site.
  2. Poor physical data link - the USB cord might be partially disconnected from either the RC unit or the iOS device. 
    Solution: Securely re-connect the cord and try again. If it does not work, try a new cable on the device (preferably from Apple).

My photos are blurry/unfocused, how do I change the camera settings?

Camera settings for your drone are not controlled by the Skycatch flight app. If you're experiencing undesirable results, we recommend you use your DJI Go app to update or reset your camera settings.

Why am I getting an "Over Flight Maximum Radius" error?

This is a limitation imposed by DJI. Typically, it means that the distance between the launch/home location and flight area is exceeding the distance allowed. You can change or disable the "Enable Maximum Range" feature in the DJI Go app under Main Controller Settings.

It may also be possible to remove this error by either:

  1. Rotating your flight legs so that the first waypoint is closer to your launch/home point
  2. Physically move your launch/home point to be closer to the flight area
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