Export a Contour Map (beta)

This feature is currently in beta, if you are interested in trying this out before it's publicly available please contact us at to be added to our beta testing program!

Contour maps, also known as topographic maps, are useful for displaying the elevation details of an area. These contour maps are created using the point cloud of your processed map.

1. Choose the map you wish to export, so that it displays in your Skycatch viewer

2. Click on the Download button located in the upper, right hand corner of the screen, and select Contour Lines (.dxf)


4. A pop-up titled, Export Contour Lines, will appear on your screen with three options:

  • Units - the units of measurement used on your contour map
  • Major to Minor Ratio - defines the ratio that the color of the major and minor lines are displayed in
  • Interval - sets the the difference in elevation between contour lines


5. Once you've customized your export, click the Export Contour button and a pop up at the top of your screen will appear to let you know that your contour export is processing.


6. Once your contour export has finished processing, the pop up at the top of your screen will update. Click on the Download Contours button to download the DXF directly to your computer. 


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