Binding a Futaba 14SG Transmitter to the EVO3x

Items needed:

  • EVO3x
  • EVO3x battery
  • Futaba 14SG transmitter

1. Switch on Futaba 14SG.
If a key icon appears, the transmitter is locked.
To unlock, press and hold the “HOME/EXIT” button until it beeps and the key icon goes away.


2. Double-tap the “LNK” button to go to the linkage menu


3. Once at the linkage menu, select “SYSTEM” by scrolling to it.


4. Once “SYSTEM” is highlighted, select it by tapping once on “RTN”


5. At the “SYSTEM” menu, scroll down to “LINK” and tap “RTN” once.


6. After tapping on the “RTN” button, the transmitter enters link mode.
This is indicated by repeated beeping and the “LINK” menu item is blinking.


7. While the transmitter is in link mode, power on the Evo3x by inserting the battery.
Once successful, the beeping will stop on the transmitter.

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