Entering EVO3x Charging Settings on the X4AC Charger (European charger)

The X4AC charger (European charger) must be configured for charging EVO3x battery after each power cycle (every time the charger is powered off). If you're getting a "CELL ERROR" or "BATTERY NOT DETECTED" error when attempting to charge, you may need to update the charger settings.

To update the settings:

Select LiPo BATT in top level menu for a given channel. Press ENTER.

Press INC/DEC until you see LiPo CHARGE. The display must not read LiPo BALANCE CHG. Skycatch batteries are self-balancing. Press ENTER.

Press ► until amp value is flashing. Change to 3A. 

Press ► again until voltage value is flashing. Change to 6S. Press Enter. 

After seeing CONFIRM(ENTER), press ENTER to start charging.

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