Using the NTRIP logger for network RTK logging for corrections (Explore1)

The EVO3x and Explore1 systems implement state-of-the-art integration network RTK services that are used to post-process geotagged photos for survey-grade 3D accuracy.

To use network RTK corrections, you must have an account with a network RTK provider and provide the below information from your network RTK provider in order to have your NTRIP account set up.

User Name
Location (lat/lng) that the NTRIP logger will be used at - this is for testing the connection

The network RTK logger (NTRIP) must be accessed through a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet with internet connection. The mobile device must have a GPS receiver as devices without a GPS receiver will not work.

Please Note: Network RTK logging or local GPS rover correction must be started at the data collection location at least 15 minutes before the first flight is performed. Only one NTRIP connection can be used on an NTRIP account at a time.

Begin Recording an Observation (If using Network RTK logging such as TopNet, Jenoba):

  1. Open the NTRIP logger at on your mobile device. Do not use a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Log in using Skycatch account credentials.
  3. Select a Network RTK provider appropriate for your organization and location.
  4. Press “Get Current Location” at the top of the logger screen. Your latitude, longitude, and altitude will be displayed.
  5. Verify on a mapping app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps on your mobile device that the location is correct.

After confirming the location is correct, click “start logging.” When the log has been started, logging information such as start time and date will be displayed, with a logging status.

Wait for the status to change to “started” in green. The RTK logger must display as “started”, or correction data will not be collected during the flight. Please wait at least 15 minutes before starting the first flight.

*If you receive an error or the NTRIP logger has stopped during flight, you will need to restart the NTRIP logger and refly the site in order to collect all correction data needed for RTK processing.

You should leave the RTK logger running during the the entirety of your data collection flight(s). You can close your mobile browser while flying, since the logger will continue to record corrections in the background.

Important usage note: If you plan to upload multiple flights to Skycatch for processing as a single area, you must use only 1 correction log (observation) per upload. For example, if you plan to fly in the morning, break for lunch, and continue flying the same site after lunch, you will need to keep the log running and submit one observation for the entire dataset. This is the case for both local base and VRS corrections.

Stopping the NTRIP Logger

After flying the data collection missions as outlined in the following chapters, log in again to and click “stop” on the line that corresponds to the log you started earlier. Wait for the status to change to “stopped.” No further actions should be needed.

Note: Please ensure you stop the NTRIP logger before uploading your data for processing

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