EVO3x Firmware Update v2.2.24 (Olympus)

Release Notes for EVO3x SkyOne Firmware
New Version : 2.2.24
Previous Version : 2.2.23
Date : June 2017

Approved by Title
William Pryor Technical Account Manager

Brent Miller

Drone System Engineer
Tom Zaiderman Product Manager


  • Fixed manual mode switch during failsafe. Now when the failsafe cleared drone will stay in manual until user flips back to AUTO


  • Magnetometer magnitude failsafe check now uses a better baseline value
  • On glitch in smart battery reading, drone will RTL instead of “Land In Place”

Instructions for updating your EVO3x Firmware


Go to this BOX folder and watch this VIDEO Tutorial


Windows 7 and above (64bits or 32bits)

Setup Files:

1. Download and install the Px4driver file on your computer

2. Download the content of the Olympus folder (64bit or 32bit)

3. Create a folder on your (C:) drive, name it Olympus and put the files from step 3 in it

Set up Drone:

1. Take the USB to Micro-USB cable from your kit

2. Set the drone on a flat surface (no need to connect a battery or GPS mast)

3. Remove the Skycatch cover from the “nose” of the drone (opposite to battery compartment)

4. Identify two micro-usb ports and connect the cable to the right hand side one

Connect to Drone:

1. Go to your Device Manager on your Windows computer (you can use the Windows search bar)

2. Locate Ports (COM & LPT) and expand it

3. While looking at the COM item in the Device Manager, connect the other end of the USB cable to your


4. Look under the Ports line: You should see additional Port added with a COM #

5. The COM # will change after 2 seconds -- make sure you remember the first number that was displayed

6. If you missed the first COM number, disconnect and reconnect again while looking at the Device Manager

COM item

Update the Firmware:

1. Start your Command Prompt app (you can search for it in the Windows search bar)

2. Type “cd” and press the space key

3. Drag and drop the Olympus folder you created into the Command Prompt and press enter

4. Type “dir” and press Enter

5. You should see:

a. flasher.exe

b. params.exe

c. serialport.node

6. Type:flasher.exe -p COM# (do not press enter yet)

7. # ----> should be the first number of COM you saw right after connecting the USB cable

8. Now disconnect the cable from your computer and wait a few seconds

9. Reconnect cable and press enter immediately after

10. Update should be in progress and indicates upon success

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