EVO3x Flight App Release Notes v1.7.5 and v1.7.5i (HPP)

Date of Release : June 2017

Approved by Title
William Pryor Technical Account Manager
Oscar Salazar QA Engineer
Tom Zaiderman Product Manager 

Features Added

Waypoint Altitude and Location Adjustment:

  • Setup: User can now select the option “Edit Waypoints” after tapping on the mission area. The option will allow dragging the waypoint location or tapping a waypoint to change its altitude using a slider
  • Value: When terrain elevation changes and DEM data does not reflect that, user can change flight altitude of a specific point to account for that change.

● KML file import:

  • Setup: User can now import KML files from Google Earth (file type must be .kml). The option will allow the user to put a KML file on a thumb-drive, connect the thumb-drive to the tablet using the telemetry radio cable adapter, and import that file via the mission board in the app. The file will be editable after import. Detailed instructions are in the Appendix of attached release notes or in the "Import a KML File into the EVO3x Flight App" guide here.
  • Value: User can populate a mission area based on the exact area requested by their customer. No need to track the outline anymore and waste valuable time.

● Center Throttle:

  • Setup: The system will now alert the user if the throttle is not centered via the “System Checks” dialog before takeoff
  • Value: Prevent unexpected drone maneuver in case of switching to manual in during flight. Now the drone will maintain altitude and position as the throttle is centered.

Imperial Units of Measure:

  • Setup: User can now go to “Settings” option in the side menu bar and switch from metric to imperial units
  • Value: User can use their system of measure of their choice to avoid confusion and mid-air calculations

● Custom altitude edit settings:

  • Setup: User can now set any altitude within the specified ranges by using a slider on the “Mission Settings” dialog.
  • Value: More refine steps for altitude adjustment to obtain the desired GSD more closely


Improved Mission Stats Accuracy

  • Value: User can now obtain more accurate estimates on mission stats before execution

Improved app stability and UI

Known Issues

● When connecting a usb drive for importing waypoint/KML missions to the app, the tablet

will automatically open the file manager app. User has to go back to the app and tap the

‘Import mission’ button.

● There is no option to set the RTL altitude for imported missions. App will default to 100


● Importing missions with drone speed greater than 10 m/s is not supported and the

mission will use the default of 5 m/s.

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