FAQ: Why are there holes in my map?

Sometimes an aerial map may have black holes or areas missing due to poor stitching. This usually means that the processing software was unable to detect and match enough features in multiple images in order to stitch the images together to create a map.

Poor stitching can often be linked to:

  • Dense foliage
    • Photogrammetry does poorly with dense foliage and it is best if you have
  • Low number of photos (flew too low and/or a flight area that is too small)
  • Not enough overlap
  • Overexposed/Underexposed photos

Depending on what the issue is, you can try one or more of the below recommendations to improve your future maps.

  • Fly at a higher altitude (80m or more)
  • Use a flight app that will optimize and automate your missions, photo collection, and overlap. The Skycatch flight app is great for this if you have a compatible DJI drone.
  • Try flying two flights with perpendicular flight paths to form a crosshatch pattern. You can easily do this using the flight directional control in the Skycatch flight app.
  • Expand the size of your flight area as a "buffer" around your area of interest
  • Adjust your exposure and shutter speed in manual mode: faster shutter speed (higher number) and manual exposure to avoid overexposed and underexposed shots
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