FAQ: How to get your base station location (HPP)

The base station location represents the focal point of the base station GPS antenna. It can sometimes be located outside the antenna body. 

High precision corrections are generated using precise positional information from the base station. Therefore, the position of the base station observation (RINEX file) must be accurately known. More information on using an RTK local base with your HPP can be found here.

The base position can be determined in a number of ways.

  1. Use a known control point. If there is an established survey marker at or near the EVO3x flight area and the location WGS84 is known, this can be used to determine the base station position.  You will need to add a height offset from the control point elevation to the phase center of the antenna.
  2. Establish a local base position via survey best practices. For example, if your GPS equipment has network RTK functionality, you can measure the phase center position to input in the uploader. If network RTK is not available, other methods must be used.

Please note: the base position must be in WGS84 with Latitude/Longitude in decimal degrees. Altitude must represent antenna phase center elevation in meters above the ellipsoid.

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