Edge1 Release Notes v.6.3.0 (October 10, 2022)

Version List

  • Edge1: v6.3.0 (updated)
    • Sky3D-Runtime: 2.7.0 (updated)
      • Projector: 6.5.0 (updated)
      • Surveyor: 2.9.1
      • Reprojector: 3.0.2 (updated)
  • RTK Drones and Remote Controls Supported


(35mm lens)



(24mm lens)

Drone FW




RC Version





What’s new?


  • Explore2 and Vision1 Support!
  • Improvements on EPSG handling
  • Bug Fixes



Edge1 is fully compatible with our new Explore2 Drone!

The Explore2 and its native high accuracy camera, Vision1, is now fully compatible with the Edge1 Base Station, meaning that you can start capturing and processing datasets from our brand new drone. 

The process will be as simple as always and the Edge1 App will guide you through the process of importing, processing and exporting the results of your datasets.




Improvements on EPSG Handling

Working with projections from all over the world is not a trivial task and therefore, issues could occur due to inconsistencies on definitions even within the EPSG registry itself. 

This is why we are implementing internal mechanisms to improve the way the Edge solutions, in this case, Edge1, will determine the best possible projection’s definition of the EPSG that you want to use.

How does this impact you as user? With better reliability when using a well-known coordinate system through an EPSG code.


Bug fixes and Improvements!

  • Improvements on dataset sorting in processing summary screen
  • Fixed an issue when the reprojection process failed to transform 3D Meshes for very specific EPSG codes.

How to update?

If your unit is running on Edge1 v5.6.0 or above, is as simple to connect the unit to the internet to get the notification of a new version available. When ready, you can start the download and installation process directly from the Edge1 App Interface

5.6.0 or below

To get this update, please reach out to the Sales Engineer assigned to your account or send an email to to schedule a session for updating to this version.

NOTE: If you are on Edge1 v4.2.2 or lower, please be sure to offload all previous datasets stored on the device to a SD card or USB drive. Datasets will not be accessible on the app after the update.


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