FAQ: How to report a Flight1 issue for any type of mission?

For reporting an issue during a Flight1 mission, please contact

We would provide a shareable box link where we would require you to upload the following  information and data for the investigation.

A) Flight1 Screen Recording

For missions that can be flown again,  we strongly recommend re-flying while recording the iPad screen to document the full mission details. The process to record the iPad screen can be consulted here.

The information shared with Skycatch should be obtained with the drone being placed at the take-off point of the reported mission. Collecting the recording/screenshots with the drone being at different locations than the mission take-off point must be avoided.


B) Flight1 Screenshots 

In case a flight repeat cannot be done, a set of screenshots shown below should be shared with Skycatch: 

Mission Plan Details and Advanced Settings


Preflight Checks:


  • Plan Mission configuration vertical screenshot showing Mission’s name and Polygon (1)
  • Advanced settings (2)
  • Please export the Area Details (3)
  • Pre-flight vertical screenshot (4)
  • Flight1 User email
  • Flight1 version


C) Flight1 Mission logs

The mission logs should be exported/synced from Flight1. Please sync and share the mission log using any of the three available methods here.


D) Other Data used with Flight1 

  • DSM file used for the mission (If the mission type was Highwall scanning or Terrain Following) 
  • KML file


E) Flight Controller logs

If the issue is due to unexpected drone behavior, it is important to obtain the Flight controller logs. These contain robust data from the drone systems that the mission logs do not contain. To extract them, please refer to this article:

How Do I Export DJI Drone Logs?

Skycatch Support will request that you fill out an Incident Report Form to describe the in full detail the issue. 

For further assistance or questions about the above, please contact Skycatch support

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