FAQ: How to share mission logs for reporting a Flight1 issue?

The Mission logs are required to be shared with Skycatch for an investigation of any issue that occurred during a flight. These files may be shared using the following methods:


Method 1: How to configure your AirData Account (recommended method)

  • Create a free AirData account by visiting the AirData website:
  • After the account creation, login to AirData and click on the My Account option at the Top Right corner.



  • To see your user token, go to the Auto Upload Token option in the Left Menu.


  • Then in Flight1, go to Settings > AirData Account > Configure. Enter your AirData User Token.


  • Please make sure that you have the Auto-Sync option always enabled. Sync the pending missions and confirm that the Upload status says “All synced”.



  • Find the mission to report then go to your AirData online account and click the share icon from the right-top corner.



  • Enable all the information options to share as shown below. Once done, click on “Create a unique sharing link”



  • Copy the shareable link.



Method 2: No AirData Account Created (Slower method)

  • In Settings, If you do not have already configured an AirData Account, click on Configure and enter the token HD2GT8S45H. This will let you transfer your data to our Skycatch Support account.



  • Confirm that the AirData Set up is successful. Enable the AirData Auto-sync option. After doing this, the syncing will start once there is a stable internet connection and the syncing status will be shown.



IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend leaving the iPad connected to a stable internet connection until the status changes to “All synced” as the syncing could be delayed if there are many mission files.


Method 3: Manual Export using Flight1(faster method)

  • You can manually obtain any Mission logs from Flight1 by clicking “Export All” from the missions list and sharing the contents of the export.



    • Sample Content for Export:


For further assistance or questions about the above, please contact Skycatch support .


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